Mission to Skydive from the Edge of Space

UPDATE: Successful Training Skydive from 13 Miles High from Weather Balloon

Australian Skydiver and Base Jumper Felix Baumgartner is in the process of planning an elaborate attempt to break both the highest skydive record and first person to break the speed of sound during human freefall.

“Baumgartner will ascend to at least 36,576 metres (120,000 feet) in a special pressurized capsule that will use a 140-metre helium balloon to lift it to the edge of space.

Then Baumgartner, wearing a special space suit similar to those worn by NASA astronauts, will step out of the capsule and free fall to Earth, breaking the speed of sound after about 35 seconds. He is expected to travel 1,190 km/h.”

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Felix Baumgartner
Photograph: Robert Yager Via guardian.co.uk

Video of Felix Baumgartner preparing for Edge of Space Skydive Record Attempt