Base Jumping Dog

Whisper has become the world’s first dog to wingsuit base jump.

Gif of Base Jumping Dog

Dean Potter, a world-renowned rock climber and base jumper has created a custom base jumping container to not only house his base jumping parachute, but to hold his dog safely in while he performs his wingsuit jump.

The jump took place off the The Eiger in Switzerland, a place that Potter has made numerous jumps off of in the past. Watch the video below:

Dog getting ready to base jump

Whisper strapped in and ready to fly

Dog Wingsuit Flying

Dean navigating his wingsuit with Whispers on his back

Dog Base Jumping in Mid Flight with Goggles

Whispers feeling the air, with goggle air protection

Dogs happy base jump landing

Happily back on ground

X Games ’13 Snowmobile Rider in Critical Condition after crash

Caleb Moore Snowmobile Crash X Games

UPDATE: “Snowmobiler Caleb Moore died Thursday as a result of injuries he suffered in a crash in the X Games one week ago. He was 25.” Reported USA TODAY

2013 X Games snowmobile rider Caleb Moore remains in critical condition in a Colorado hospital after his crash at the freestyle finals.

The 25-year-old Texan was performing a relatively routine backflip in his run when he under rotated, causing the front skis to catch the top of the landing ramp, throwing him off the sled. As he slid down the ramp, the snowmobile came flipping towards him and striking his body at least once.

Video of Caleb Moore Crash

Caleb’s grandfather, Charles Moore, told The Denver Post on Monday that the prognosis was “not good.”

100 Foot Wave surfed for the first time?

Garrett McNamara 100 Foot Wave

Garrett ‘GMAC’ McNamara, who is an American big wave surfer, known for breaking big wave world records, may have recently surfed a wave that appears to be more than 100 feet tall.

Garrett McNamara was back in Nazaré, Portugal, where he has previously set a world record ride on a 78 foot wave back in 2011 (watch video). This photo was taken January 28th, 2012 by photographer Tó Mané and some believe it may be as big as 100 feet.

Photo: Tó Mané –

Top 50 People in Extreme Sports of 2012

 ESPN and X Games recently released a list of their 50 Most Influential People in Action Sports. The list not only includes the top extreme sports athletes, but various people behind the scenes that many may have not heard of. The list also included founders of popular websites such as Youtube and Twitter.

Here are some notable people included on the Top 50 Most Influential People list:

#2 – Travis Pastrana, Colin McRae and #7 Ken Block
Travis Pastrana, Ken Block

#48 – Jack Dorsey (Twitter) #25 – Chad Hurley and Steve Chen (Youtube)Twitter Youtube Founders

#1 – Kelly Slater
Kelly Slater

View the entire list of the top 50 most influential people in extreme sports by clicking here

CC Images courtesy of: Kevin Krejci, LeWEB12, Carolyn Williams, Rtwkeaton

Lonnie Bissonnette Jumping off New River Gorge Bridge

Paraplegic Base Jumper Lonnie Bissonnette

Paraplegic Base Jumper Lonnie Bissonnette jumps off of the New River Gorge Bridge during the 33rd annual Bridge Day. Visit Lonnie’s Blog:

Skydiver in Freefall over Burning Man 2012

Photo Source:

First Skydiver to Land Without a Parachute

Gary Connery, 42,becomes the first person to ever land a skydive without a parachute.

He was wearing a specially designed wingsuit and made the jump from a helicopter at about 2,400ft high. His landing zone was a series of over 18,000 cardboard boxes 40ft wide and a runway of 350ft.

Below are some photos and video of the historic skydive.

First Person to Skydive Without Parachute

Gary Connery Skydive Landing No Parachute

Gary Connery Skydive Record

Watch Skydiving and Base Jumping Videos on M80.TV


Acro Base System – New Paragliding Reserve Chute Uses Base Jumping Technology

A new paragliding reserve parachute system is currently in the works that uses a base jumping parachute as the reserve. The paragliding harness is equipped with a jettisoning system to automatically extract a Base Jumping parachute ( BASE ) after the main paragliding wing has been cutaway.

Acro Base System – Developped by Sup’Air with Raul Rodriguez and Jean-Noël Itzstein

Photos and Video of the base reserve system below:

Acro Base Reserve For Paraglider

More info on this product:

First 1080 on a Skateboard Landed

12 Year old Skateboarder Tom Schaar of Malibu, CA is the first skater to ever land a 1080. The trick was landed at Woodward West (Tehachapi, CA) on a 70 foot megaramp leading up to a giant 27 ft. tall quarter pipe. New entry for Guinness World Records?

Tom Schaar 1080 Skate

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Company Offers Tandem Base Jumping Experience

There have been tandem base jumps in the past, but those have usually been done by 2 trained base jumpers. Now, Moab B.A.S.E Adventures, a Moab Utah company is offering the tandem base jumping experience to those who have never even skydived before, let alone base jumped.

Watch Video of Tandem Base Jump

First Tandem Base Jump
Photo Credit:

Tandem Base Jumping
Photo Credit:

For more information about the tandem base jumping experience, visit this Moab B.A.S.E Adventures